5 Safe Activities for Seniors Living with Parkinson’s

5 Safe Activities for Seniors Living with Parkinson's

Living with physical limitations is CHALLENGING. It is doubly true if you weren’t born with those same limitations. There is perhaps no disease that physically limits humans more than Parkinson’s disease. It damages the nerves responsible for movement, thereby negatively affecting mobility. When our seniors develop this disease, what activities can they still do safely?

Today, we share our top picks!

What is Parkinson’s Disease?

Parkinson’s disease is most common among aging adults. It is a brain disorder that manifests itself physically. It affects the inflicted with difficulty in walking, balance, and coordination. As the disease progresses, it can even trigger mental changes in the person.

At its earliest stage, Parkinson’s only causes shaking of the hands, arms, legs, or head; stiffness in the limbs; and slowness. Therefore, not all physical activities are safe for those living with the disease.

5 Safe Activities for Seniors with Parkinson’s


No matter how limited we become physically, we still have the use of our minds. And to preserve our quality of living, we have to do our best to maintain our assets, including the mind.

Reading is a practical activity that’s vastly underrated. With the right book and a good mindset, reading is entertaining, educating, and refreshing. It stimulates the brain, activates creativity, and improves cognitive function.

However, the problem with this activity is seniors with more advanced stages of Parkinson’s struggle with reading. The condition is easily treated by using digital mediums instead of actual books.

If there’s a beloved elderly in your life living with Parkinson’s, convince them to take a book with you. If possible, take the activity up a notch by convincing them to join a book club that interests them. The reading itself gives benefits, add to that the socializing with book club members and you just improved your aging friend’s life.


Walking seems counterintuitive when you have a disease that inhibits physical activities. But walking is easy enough for those whose Parkinson’s symptoms are not too terrible. Parkinson’s is a result of the lack of dopamine cells in the body. Certain lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise help prevent the disease from progressing further.

Even if they are living with Parkinson’s, don’t let them limit themself at home. Spend time with them outdoors. Help them improve their body through exercise. Some people can help you help your dear elderly move around safely. At Infinite Love Homecare, we offer mobility assistance for seniors who need it.

Cooking New Recipes

As was mentioned above, specific lifestyle changes can improve the condition of those living with Parkinson’s. Diet plays an essential role in bringing in more dopamine into their system. Additionally, enjoying the activity of cooking alone triggers the release of dopamine.

Cooking with loved ones helps release the feel-good chemical. Even if their physical movements are limited, they can still cook with the assistance of a loved one. Furthermore, if they can’t go to the grocery store to buy ingredients, we at Infinite Love Homecare offer our services. We provide assistance in terms of meal preparation and grocery shopping. These services are part of our dedication to providing health care services for seniors in their own homes.

Learn a New Language

No one is too old to learn a new language. Ask the aging adult in your life what language interests them. Take a class with them, so they don’t feel alone in the endeavor. Even if you don’t have the means to take a class together, other resources are available online.

Learning a new language activates channels within the mind responsible for linguistics and memory. Additionally, having someone to practice together with helps seniors bond with loved ones.

Fly a Kite

Of all the activities listed here, flying a kite is the most out of this world. It is regarded as physical activity, but it is not too hard on our seniors with Parkinson’s. Flying a kite works for the arms and hands gently. It provides exercise that doesn’t tax the body too much. If the elderly have problems with balance, they can fly a kite while sitting.

Flying a kite requires the person to be outdoors. Spending time outdoors helps the body produce vitamin D due to the sun’s light. This vitamin helps fight off fatigue and clarifies thinking. Plus, flying a kite is fun – the kind of fun which doesn’t harm the aging adult.

Be Creative

There are other physical activities that seniors with Parkinson’s can do. Some notable examples are making a sculpture out of clay, solving puzzles, playing board or card games, or enjoying a session of sing-along.

Be creative. Please don’t limit your elderly parent’s quality of life to their physical limitations. Look for ways to help them have fun.

We at Infinite Love Homecare understand that maintaining a healthy and joyful life as we age presents its challenges. That is why we are dedicated to providing the best home care services for the elderly within the Orange County, California, area. Our services range from simple transportation or companionship to medication reminders or grooming and bathing assistance.

We believe that seniors deserve a good life even in their twilight years. This applies even to those living with diseases associated with old age. So if you need help making sure your aging parent or friend maintains a happy quality of life, give us a call!

You can call us at (949) 529-4130 or through our Contact Us page. We also offer free consultations to help you better determine what services your beloved elderly need. And if you want to know more about our wide range of services, you can get all the in-depth details on our Services page.

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