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People in different age groups have varying interests. Although there are a few people within one age group interested in things people from a diverse age group are generally interested in, many of us tend to follow certain stereotypes for our age group.

For example, teenagers tend to like technology-based recreational activities. Although some would instead go outdoors and do rigorous activities like hiking, most would prefer to stay at home and play video games.

Most adults, at least according to a survey by the Nature of Americans, say that most American adults enjoy doing activities that are nature-related. They enjoy fishing, hunting, or hiking.

Seniors, even though it does not seem likely, actually have a wide range of interests. They are into arts and crafts, gardening, playing cards or games, reading, and enjoying movies, TV shows, or music. The more active seniors relish playing golf, going on walks, dancing, swimming, or doing yoga. This wide range of enjoyed-activities can be attributed to the fact that seniors experienced a lot in their lives. Over time, they have developed various interests.

However, a considerable chunk of seniors enjoys spending time with their family and friends. Because they no longer work, seniors tend to have more time on their hands to socialize.

Based on all of these interests from various age groups, what activities can give fun to everyone? What can you do as a family or as a group of friends that will engage everyone? What fun pursuits can you share with children, teenagers, fellow adults, and seniors, which will strengthen the bond between everyone involved?

Fun Activities for Everyone


No one can deny that a family picnic can be fun for everyone. With just the right planning, pleasant weather, good food, and the whole family present, you can have an entire day of fun.

Small activities can be arranged for the little ones. Only by bringing a ball, a frisbee disk, a dog, or a few of their friends, little children can amuse themselves to the full. Older children and teenagers can play sports. The exercise will definitely raise their endorphins, a sure way to make them happy.

Good food, a few bottles of beer and other drinks, and friends’ company are enough for the adults to enjoy themselves.
As for the seniors, there are a lot of possibilities for fun in a family picnic. Of course, they can bring their social group along. They can do their art; their family’s view of enjoying themselves is inspiration enough for a good sketch or painting. They can have their walk, maybe bring a few of their grandchildren along.

Classic Backyard Barbeque

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Classic Backyard Barbecue

Like a picnic, a backyard barbecue (or barbeque) is a more intimate and homey ordeal. For one, you can do it right in the comfort of your backyard, if you have a backyard, that is. Two, since space is not as available as in a local park during picnics, you can only invite so many people.

The good thing about a backyard barbecue is that it takes less effort to pull off without actually sacrificing the quality of the activity. Since you don’t have to take a trip to a park or a beach, it is far more convenient.

Although the number of sports the younger members of the group can play is limited, there are still attractive options. Board, card, or parlor games are on the table. Relaxing, enjoying the company of family, and just chatting with them can bring joy to the rest of the family.

Sing-Alongs or Karaoke

One activity that is virtually gone from American society is “sing-along”. But there are several benefits to doing sing-alongs with your family and friends.

Strengthens bond: Singing is an ageless activity that everyone can enjoy. The act of making a unified harmony with others creates synchronized neural connections in everyone who participates.

Better Health: Did you know that communal singing, or singing with other people, helps in maintaining good health? It improves the immune system. Music is also known to relieve stress, make us happier (endorphins), helps in brain development (no matter the age), and strengthens memory.

Family Storytelling

Ok, this one, not everyone might be able to enjoy, depending on who does the storytelling. But storytelling that is fun and engaging connects generations in an effective way other activities can’t do. It allows one generation to share a part of themselves and the other generation to know the other.

Experts strongly believe that knowing their family’s history helps young generations psychologically and socially. Storytelling is also beneficial for seniors’ health. It helps them fight stress, Alzheimer’s, and loneliness among others.

Storytelling is a powerful tool anyone can use to connect with others. And in a family within which there is a generational gap, it is one of few activities that strengthen the members’ love and bond on a profoundly personal level.

Be Creative for Your Family’s Sake

Thinking of ways to help your family connect may not be easy. But for your family’s sake, be creative!

You can easily combine the activities discussed here. Or you can do other classic activities that your family may find engaging. Game night, trivia battles, movie night, cook-fest, museums, arts and crafts, zoo trips, and mini-golf are just a few other activities you can do that any age group can enjoy.

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