As a Senior, What Hobbies Can I Pursue?

As a Senior, What Hobbies Can I Pursue

Growing old, it is easy to feel down and discouraged. Your mind and body can’t confidently do what they used to accomplish without breaking a sweat. You become slower, weaker, your eyesight blurrier, your mind not as sharp – the physical and mental limitations are just overwhelming.

But here at Infinite Love Homecare, we firmly believe that age should not diminish one’s quality of living. We sincerely believe that seniors should have as much fun as the innocent child next door in their twilight years. That’s why we compiled a list of hobbies that can enrich the lives of our beloved seniors.


There are many sports and other physical activities that are too demanding for our seniors. But swimming is not one of them. Don’t you believe it?

Swimming is a good physical activity for those suffering from arthritis. It is because the water carries as much as 90% of the body’s weight. Furthermore, swimming is easy on the joints, quite unlike most cardiovascular exercises like jogging. Instead of hurting the joints, swimming strengthens the supporting muscles around those joints.

Of course, swimming strengthens your cardiovascular system, limiting the chances of heart disease and improving your breathing capacity. And because swimming is an exercise, it will improve your mood and mental health (because of the happy hormone called endorphins)!


Who says seniors can’t play sports? If you hear someone say that, go ahead and laugh at their face because seniors can play sports! One sport that our elderly can play is walking football. Another example is golf.

The thing about these sports is that they are not physically taxing. They still make the body move, and they require some cognitive applications, but they are not too challenging for seniors. They are perfect for them!

Sports have health benefits. But more than that, they allow our seniors to socialize. The thing about these sports is that you need people with you to play the games. And that requirement is perfect for seniors who might feel lonely. Socializing is a vital way of fending off mental and emotional decay.


Those who have a deep appreciation for mother nature will love this hobby. Gardening can quickly become addictive for those who get the hang of it. Watching a plant you’ve planted and meticulously cared for grow is SO satisfying. Seeing the beauty that you helped create is just divine. And enjoying the literal and metaphorical fruits of your labor is fantastic.

Did you know that gardening improves energy levels, brain function, and the nervous system? And then there are the following benefits of gardening:

  • Reduces stress
  • Fresh air
  • Sunshine
  • Strong sense of accomplishment
  • Requires minimum physical activity

Gardening is a hobby our seniors can do in the comfort of their own homes.


This is interesting. But did you ever consider gaming as a hobby? There are a lot of people out there who view gaming as a colossal waste of time. But it isn’t so according to a study published by Medical News Today in 2015.

Games, especially the 3D computer ones, are shown to prevent memory loss. Furthermore, gaming also gives players portals to communicate with friends and other players. For seniors who can’t see their friends physically, gaming can be that portal. It’s enjoyable, entertaining, and allows seniors to maintain old friendships and make new ones.


Cooking isn’t just a chore. If you make it to be, it can be fun! Senior foodies, here’s your chance to make a hobby out of feeding your loved ones! Cooking can be as much a hobby as any of the things on this list.

Your cooking can be the glue that holds friends and family together. After all, every child likes to boast that no one can beat Gran-gran’s cookies. Aside from the social benefits, cooking also gives you a few physical and mental benefits.

For one, homemade meals are considered healthier. And if you’re in complete control of the food, you can make it as healthy as you want. Then there’s the cooking itself, which gives you a creative outlet. Being as creative as you can, even in old age, is excellent for your cognitive health. Additionally, cooking is a way to let out stress and have a sense of achievement.

And if you physically can’t do all the cooking yourself, no worries! At Infinite Love Homecare, we offer cooking assistance to seniors. Just give us a call, and we can help make your favorite recipe a reality!

if you need ideas of what to cook, here are a couple of easy recipes! Enjoy!


“Why is music on the list? I’m too old to learn how to play music!” Really? Are you? A famous Chinese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”

If you have an interest in music beyond just listening to it, pursue it! Try to learn that instrument you wanted to know since you were just a wee child. Learning music helps battle dementia and cognitive decline.

Besides, won’t it be great if you can perform the blues for your beloved grandchildren?

Hobbies are for Everyone, Even for Seniors

Don’t limit yourself to your age. Pursue your interests. Pursue hobbies that interest you and bring joy into your life. And if you need help, get it! You have your friends, family, and others.

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