Best Medical Alert Systems for Aging in Place Seniors

Best Medical Alert Systems for Aging in Place Seniors

What prevents a lot of seniors from striving to age in place? What challenges do they fear they would not be able to overcome? It is hard to be independent when you can’t help but be medically dependent. Thankfully, several medical alert systems are easily accessible. Medical alert systems will get seniors help should they need it anywhere and anytime.

This post will discuss the best medical alert systems for seniors who want to age in place.


LifeFone was established in 1976 and operated from White Plains, New York. It incorporates fire, smoke, and CO2 (carbon dioxide) detection systems. In addition, they offer the At-Home Landline and Cellular systems, the At-Home and On-the-Go GPS, and the Voice-In Pendant with GPS device. They also offer mobile apps for individuals and the Family Guard app for groups.

LifeFone offers in-home systems (with a 1300 feet range from home) and portable medical alert devices so you can get help anywhere you are. Such features are not uncommon among medical alert systems for the elderly. However, what sets LifeFone apart from the rest of medical alert systems is the add-ons.

The list of the extra features include:

  • Spouse monitoring
  • Medication reminders
  • Automated check-ins
  • Wellness checks via phone
  • Fall detection

Of these extras, the fall detection add-on is worth paying extra attention to because it is affordable. This extra only costs $5 per month, about half of what other medical alert systems charge.

Spouse monitoring is free. You can avail of or remove the other extras from your plan anytime your needs change. When you first sign up for their services, LifeFone will ask for your preferences and emergency contacts. Then, if you have an emergency, you can indicate in your application whether LifeFone should reach out to your emergency contacts or emergency medical services first.

In terms of pricing, the monthly cost of LifeFone is $29.95 and up. The annual plan is cheaper, amounting to $24.95 and up per month. Those prices may increase depending on the add-ons you want in your project.

LifeFone is not just for medical emergencies. You can call for help should a fire start or a break-in occur. No matter how often you call for help, you pay the fixed price.

LifeFone offers a lifetime warranty, which is rare for medical alert systems (some systems offer no warranty at all). In addition, there is no fee for activation or installation.


The primary reason why you should consider MobileHelp is its affordability. It has one of the least expensive annual plans—more on this in a while.

The upper hand of MobileHelp over LifeFone (aside from the pricing) is the in-home range. The range of the in-home unit is 1400 feet. It means that as long as the pendant is within 1400 feet of the in-home team, you can get help to come to your home.

MobileHelp comes with a free lockbox. The lockbox allows the emergency responder to get into your home even if the door is locked. It is helpful in emergencies when you can’t open the door.

Additional and optional features include medication reminders and activity tracking. The innovative touch screen device sets MobileHelp apart from other medical alert systems. The device can video record and plan doctor visits and prescription refills.

Just like with LifeFone, MobileHelp also offers in-home protection. But unlike LifeFone, MobileHelp does not provide wellness checks.

Now, let’s talk about pricing. MobileHelp offers monthly plans for as low as $24.95 and yearly plans amounting to $19.95 per month.

Medical Care Alert

Medical Care Alert is a Michigan-based medical alert service provider under American Response Technologies. It is a family-owned business with monitoring bases in New York and California.

Their plans include:

  • In-home landline and cellular plans
  • A home-and-away plan that comes with a GPS-enabled device and a care app
  • A home-and-away plan with a voice pendant and remote care app that communicate with each other
  • A home and yard plan with a base station and two-way voice pendant

The fall detection option is available for $10 per month. There are no fees for the equipment or the activation.

Medical Care Alert does not have a wellness check option. However, you can use the plans that let your family or caregivers monitor your location and prescriptions. A lockbox is free with all of the Medical Care Alert plans.

Medical Care Alert costs $29.95 and up each month. The annual pricing is $27.45 and up per month. You get free equipment shipping if you select the semiannual or annual payment options upon signing up. Shipping fees are around $12 for quarterly payment options.

How to Choose the Best Medical Alert System for Yourself?

Now that we have covered three of the most reliable medical alert systems in the country and available in California, let’s tackle how to choose the system that suits you.

Consider Your Needs

The first thing you have to do is consider your needs. Think about why you want a medical alert system. Knowing your needs will help you decide which features you need.

For example, if you tend to forget your medication, perhaps you need medication reminders. If you tend to fall, a fall detection feature will not hurt. If the aging adult has dementia and tends to wander off, an activity tracking device with GPS capabilities is a good option.

Consider Your Budget

After identifying your needs, it’s always a good idea to consider your budget. Can you afford the fees? Whether you can or can’t, it is always an excellent option to find a way to make the system more affordable.

Make sure that the monthly billing will never change. First, make sure you don’t get locked into a long-term contract. Then check the company’s cancellation policy to see whether they will charge a return or cancellation fee.

Another thing to keep in mind is to ask if the company offers any discounts. For example, some companies offer discounts to veterans and other suitable candidates. Additionally, your health insurance policy may cover a portion of the costs of getting a medical alert system, so be sure to check that out.

Get Personal Care Instead

While medical alert systems are undoubtedly helpful, they can’t match personalized care by a compassionate caregiver. With aging in place, adults should have access to all the help they might need at all times. Infinite Love Homecare offers a wide array of services for the elderly, including specialized care. Contact us via phone at (949)-539-4130 or through our Contact Us page. page. You can also visit our office at City Tower, 333 City Blvd. West Suite 1700, Orange County, California, 92868. We serve the Orange County, California area.


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