Can Grapes Help Protect Against Alzheimer’s Decline?

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Grapes are amazing fruits. They taste delicious on their own and can be frozen in the summer for a healthy alternative to sugary treats. They can be mashed to make jams, jellies, and wines, and their green or purple skins contain untold antioxidants for better health.

As if grapes couldn’t get more awesome, a recent study from the University of California, Los Angeles asked if grapes could possibly stave off the effects of Alzheimer’s disease. The pivotal study, led by Dr. Daniel H. Silverman, who has extensive experience working early memory loss sufferers, was double-blind and placebo-controlled to obtain the most accurate results. 

Using a group of volunteers, Silverman broke the participants into two groups and gave each one a grape powder on a regular basis. One group received actual grapes in their powder – about 2 ¼ days’ worthwhile the other received a placebo.

Silverman then assessed both groups’ levels of cognitive decline at the beginning of the study and again at the conclusion, around six months later. The study also took into account the participants’ brain metabolism during the same period using PET scans of the brain. 

The purpose of the study was to provide predictive and diagnostic criteria for health professionals in charge of evaluating dementia patients.

 grapes and Alzheimer’s disease

The Effects of Alzheimer’s Disease and Grapes

When a person develops Alzheimer’s disease, their brains are not working as well as they once did. Experts believe that part of this decline in cognitive ability is due to issues with brain metabolism. The brain needs energy, much like every other part of the body. If you want your body to work properly, your doctor will tell you to consume healthy foods. Turns out, it’s the same with brain metabolism. Healthy brain metabolism is critical for proper functioning. This is where healthy foods like grapes come into play. 

Grapes & Alzheimer’s Decline

Silverman’s study found that people with early memory decline had healthy metabolic activity in the parts of the brain most commonly affected by Alzheimer’s disease when they consumed the grape powder. 

The participants who received a placebo showed significant declines in metabolic activity in the same areas of the brain. 

Furthermore, the grape group showed improvements to brain metabolism that tend to correlate with improved cognitive abilities and stronger ability to retrieve memories, two elements most affected by Alzheimer’s disease. 

Eat Grapes & Live More Healthily

We all know that grapes are fruits and thus are good for you. However, the study showed that eating grapes daily promoted a healthier metabolism and prevented the decline of brain metabolism. Eating grapes frequently can also boost your memory and attention. Talk about brain food!

Why Do Grapes Work at Preventing Cognitive Decline?

Grapes contain polyphenols that help promote anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity throughout the brain. Research also suggests that grapes may encourage healthier brains overall by reducing oxidative stress, which can lead to declines in brain function. All the while, grapes help you maintain higher levels of the brain chemical in charge of promoting memory. 

While the study results are exciting for Alzheimer’s sufferers and their caregivers, Dr. Silver admits that further studies are needed with larger groups of volunteers. 

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