Gardening Answers: Best Flowering Plants to Grow in Southern California


Gardening is one of the few hobbies even seniors can enjoy. It is beneficial and relaxing. It is a lot of fun. And it allows just about anyone to create something beautiful with their own hands’ hard work. But what plants give that beauty in a Southern California garden? This post gives you a few examples of beautiful flowering plants to grow in Southern California.

How is Gardening Beneficial to Seniors (and ANYONE)?

Before tackling the flowering plants that can grow in Southern California, let’s first discuss how gardening is beneficial, especially for seniors.

A Hobby Enhances the Quality of Life

A hobby, any hobby, ameliorates an otherwise dull and colorless life. It adds excitement, purpose, and richness to our existence. In addition, a lot of research shows that doing an activity we enjoy improves our wellbeing in general. It is found that a hobby reduces stress and relaxes us. It increases confidence and helps us to socialize. Each of these benefits deserves an in-depth analysis on its own.

They are valuable to anyone’s life, seniors, young, or middle-aged alike. Hobbies help combat mental illness and deterioration.

Gardening Allows for Creativity

Do you know what else combats mental illness or deterioration? Creativity. With gardening, anyone has a portal to express creativity.

Gardening Involves Exercise

When planting plants, pruning them, or shoveling the soil around them, a little physical exertion is required. Fortunately, this exercise is not too challenging for seniors. This little bit of practice goes a long way for our seniors’ weakening bodies.

Gardening Gives a Sense of Accomplishment

Another great benefit of gardening is the sense of accomplishment that comes with it. To see the growth of the plants you worked hard to sustain and care for is satisfying. If you plant a fruit-bearing plant, the fruits of your labor are literal. They become sweeter due to your work.

If you grow flowering plants, the beauty you helped create gives a surge of pride. Gardening is indeed satisfying.

Flowering Plants to Grow in Southern California


Flowering Plants in Southern California Penstemon

Penstemon, or beardtongue, naturally grows in many parts of California, including Southern California. It is a beautiful flower with many varieties.

It is a clump-forming perennial and lives for more than two years. Its colors can be shades of blue, purple, pink, white, or red. Aside from the plethora of colors they own, penstemon plants also come in different shapes and sizes. From dwarf sizes, it is perfect for rock gardens to waist-high heights, best for bringing color to the borders of your yard.

Additionally, caring for this plant is easy. It requires minimal watering and can grow in arid, almost desert-like areas.


Flowering Plants to Grow in Southern California Daisy

Who hates daisy? Daisies are famous and recognized for their simply attractive flowers. Its varieties differ in color, including yellow, lavender, blue, red, orange, and the most well-known type, white. The petals can be smooth or sawtoothed, long or short. The central disc can be yellow, blue, red, or purple.

Some varieties of daisies, like the Gloriosa Daisy, can grow even in poor soil conditions. Plus, they need minimal care to thrive. Daisies, like penstemons, are also perennial.

Morning Glory

Flowering Plants to Grow in Southern California Morning Glory

Although the common morning glory is considered a troublesome vine in parts of North America, it is an excellent ornament to your garden if managed diligently. It is a vine that produces elegant heart-shaped white, purple, blue, or pink flowers. The plant is a fine addition to the list of flowering plants to grow in Southern California.

It is native to tropical America, so you shouldn’t much trouble growing it. The problem with it is that it chokes other plants if unmaintained. They are also known to self-seed easily, meaning they don’t need necessarily need pollinators to reproduce. They can become a nuisance, but they are not strictly considered invasive.

Morning glory blooms aggressively during the warm months. They often produce flowers from early summer to the first frost.


Flowering Plants to Grow in Southern California Poppy

There are over 120 species of poppy. And each of them is different from the next. Colors range from the palest of yellows to the deepest reds. Orange, salmon, pinks, purple, white, and blues are also part of the plant family’s palette. The flowers are cup-shaped. It consists of four or more large petals surrounding a barrel-shaped pistil.

Poppy plants grow well in warm, sunny areas. They require well-draining soil and regular watering. Mulching also keeps them hydrated in long periods of dryness. Mulching is a gardening technique beneficial for plants. It is the act of covering the soil with mulches – bark, wood chips, leaves, and other organic material – to preserve the moisture in and improve the quality of the ground.

Grow Your Own Beautiful Garden NOW!

Growing your beautiful garden is a challenge, yes. But it gives a great sense of accomplishment if done successfully. These flowering plants give your garden the beauty that might bring color into your home and life.

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