5 Habits that Build Mental Fortitude

Habits that Build Mental Fortitude

Mental fortitude seems underrated. From March of 2020 to August 2021, the world has been in the grip of the threat of Covid. And frankly, the danger of getting is the disease is disheartening. Yet, we need mental fortitude just as we need physical strength. In this post, we are sharing five habits that help build mental fortitude.

What is Mental Fortitude?

Entrepreneur.com defines mental fortitude as “the ability to focus on and execute solutions when in the face of uncertainty and adversity.” Other definitions render mental fortitude, or mental toughness, as “the measure of individual resilience and confidence that may predict success in different aspects of life.” It can also explain as the ability to “keep your emotions in check and not be swayed by external forces.”

Those are all valid and accurate definitions. But perhaps the simplest definition of mental fortitude is the ability to keep going when the going gets tough.

Why is Mental Fortitude Critical?

Asking why mental fortitude is necessary is like asking why keeping the body strong is essential. The mind is as critical to a radiant life as a physically healthy body. A strong sense can direct a strong body towards outstanding achievements. Without mental toughness, achieving incredible physical feats is near impossible.

Everyone knows how hard strengthening the body is. Working out and sticking to a fitness regime takes a lot of work and willpower. It is impossible to maintain a fitness regime without mental fortitude, especially if there are no results even after a few weeks.

Anyone who had to hold down a job knows the daily challenges of the workplace. The stress, the decision-making, and the unforeseen obstacles that arise weigh down both the body and the mind. And just like in maintaining physical health, it is easy to give up. But, without mental fortitude, success is always beyond reach.

Mental fortitude is vital for all aspects of life. It is crucial in careers, relationships, education, and yes, even in aging. Aging is hard. There are a lot of pains and aches involved. But with mental fortitude, it is easier to bear the symptoms of aging with a smile.

Here are five habits that will help ANYONE build mental fortitude.

Five Habits that Build Mental Fortitude

Take Things One at a Time

Too much multitasking is not healthy. Have you noticed that when someone barraged you with a lot of concerns, you are overwhelmed? This situation tests your mental fortitude. It’s easier to let our emotions go rampant when everything in the workplace is not working as they are supposed to. It’s easier to lash out when thirty different problems are vying for our attention.

It is easier to succumb to hopelessness when five aching joints, loss of hearing, and forgetfulness all try to get you down.

But tackling one problem at a time keeps us from getting too overwhelmed. One solved problem is less to worry about, so focus on one thing at a time. Even in day-to-day living, make it a habit to take one thing at a time. So when the crises begin, it’s easier to get into the right problem-solving mindset.

Exercise Regularly

Physical fitness and mental fortitude go hand-in-hand. Terrible physical health increases the risk of a terrible state of mind. Inversely, good physical health is conducive to better mental health. Regular exercise keeps the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain balanced. It normalizes the mood, releases tensions and stress, and improves mental clarity. It is also known to improve self-esteem, reducing our self-doubt, and helps improve our decision-making skills.

In short, regular exercise is like hitting two birds with one stone—both the body and the mind benefit.

Take Regular Self-Care Periods

Me-time is essential when developing mental fortitude. It is necessary to give yourself time to focus on your needs and desires – whether that is reading a book, watching your favorite show, or just taking a walk in the park.

It may sound selfish – focusing on yourself. But include the routine to take time for yourself allows you to prevent burnout. And in the long run, you will be more prepared to take on challenges because your mind is rested and calm.

Learn to Say “No”

The world is always in a rush, and there are always 50 things to do all the time. So learn to decline some activities. This point is by taking me time regularly. The best way to prevent burnout and being overwhelmed is to tackle fewer activities as you can.

Strive for Small Wins Daily

Building mental fortitude is all about habits, not inspiration. Make it a habit to win personal victories daily, no matter how small those victories are. Strive to pump out more to get more tasks done in your average workout session.  Learn not to lose your patience the next time a setback ruins your plans.

Building mental fortitude is about overcoming challenges, not being affected by unfavorable circumstances and external forces, and making sure that you will tackle the problems one at a time and win. As you try to win small victories daily, your threshold for enduring grueling situations rise.

Bonus Tip: Seek Help

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. But that does not mean that the tough person can do everything by himself. We all need help sometimes. And as we get older and frailer, we need more help – and there’s no shame in that. So we are dedicated to Infinite Love Homecare to help seniors live the twilight years as vibrantly as possible. We offer companionship, transportation, respite care, hygiene and grooming, mobility, and more services.

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