Checklist When Hiring a Home Caregiver for the Elderly

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Are you currently looking for home care services in California for your senior loved ones?

Eager to get the daily responsibility of giving personal care to your elderly parent off from you and straight to a professional in-home caregiver?

Or is your current caregiver not performing their role as well as you expected them to for your parent’s daily living needs?

Don’t simply choose to hire a caregiver based on the first home care agency or independent contractor that pops out of your Google search results! There are a few crucial factors you might want to check before you take your pick.

If you want to peruse quickly through the checklist, we made for you, then scroll down to the last part of this article.

But if you have the time, let’s first go over these three tell-tale signs of a low-quality home care service provider.

Traits you SHOULDN’T see in a good home caregiver agency for your elderly parent

❌ Accepts the job too quickly

A quality in-home care provider will firstly want to visit your home to assess both your elderly patient and the condition that they are in.

Secondly, they will make the necessary effort to inquire about your loved one’s possible pre-existing medical conditions, medical history, daily needs, and preferences.

Is to compare your requested services to their professionally determined level and type of care for your senior family member.

Therefore, on top of the services you seek from their home caregiver, they will most likely desire to give their honest assessment and professional service recommendations. The step is to improve further your elderly loved one’s daily living and time spent with their home care aide.

❌ Receives too many online complaints

Search for their social media account or their listed Google business reviews and keep an eye out for negative comments and testimonials regarding cases of previous senior patient abuse or neglect.

Google reviews are included in informative snippets on the right part of your Google search engine results. The image has a five-star rating meter and a clickable Google reviews section.

You can discover other bad traits of their in-home caregivers and their agency’s low quality of care and training through previous client’s complaints, such as:

  • Their caregiver has a personality that makes it challenging to deal with them. It’s even worse to their parents or grandparents whom the in-home care aide is servicing and living with daily.
  • It’s challenging to reach them, and it’s uncomfortable to make additional or straightforward requests such as setting up the phone or computer so the client can spend time talking with your elderly parents.

❌ Gets online caregiver employee complaints

By doing the same online search, you shouldn’t be seeing disgruntled employees voicing their bad experiences with the in-home care agency.

Negative comments can range from mismanagement, lack of training and briefing, delayed or disappointing salaries, among other equally alarming experiences.

These shouldn’t be taken lightly as these signs of negligence to their employed caregivers could easily pass on and reflect on the services they provide and the quality of care your elderly loved one will receive.

Your quick checklist to finding the right home care provider for your senior parent

✔ Positive client and patient feedback

Testimonials on home care agency websites alone may be difficult to verify. It’s best to look for additional client feedback through their official social media accounts and Google business reviews as shown here below.

Satisfied clients will share their experiences and commend their well-proven home caregivers and in-home care agencies online for their exceptional service.

You can also ask around. See if your friends, officemates, and other relatives have previously hired from a good in-home care agency for their senior loved ones too.

✔ Strict compliance with local state health and home care guidelines

Browse through their website or official social media business profile to see their certification and licensing.

Go and read through their about us website page to see if they abide by local state laws for companies that hire in-home caregivers and offer home care services.

If this isn’t evident on their company page, then it would be good to inquire about their licensure and certifications for easy verification once you’ve contacted them.

Career Trend says, “In California, serving as a paid, private caregiver does not require that you have a special license. However, some typical caregiver duties may require specific certifications, such as medication administration certification.”

It means they might not be licensed at all. So instead, try and measure by asking how the in-home care aides are trained. It is also essential to ask the credentials of those who have taught them.

✔ High level of customer service

They must have excellent communication skills, showing attentiveness to your inquiries as well as professionally and adequately making assessments regarding your elderly parents’ needed personal and specialized home care services.

Even before your set appointment with them and your elderly loved one, check their response to your initial online or phone inquiry.

They should have prompt and well-mannered staff who will address your queries.

It will determine their level of concern for elderly patients and their high standard that flows through their home care services.

Infinite Love Homecare is the right choice

We at Infinite Love Homecare (ILH) would like you to hire us today! We have expertly-trained and compassionate home caregivers who will respect and give proper care to your elderly parents.

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Find out why we should be your first pick when seeking professional in-home care services in Orange County, California. Read our previous article about the perks of having an ILH home caregiver.

Want to set up a free in-home assessment with us? Please call our friendly ILH team at (949) 529-4130 or leave a message on our contact us page.



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