Family Caregiver Respite Care Benefits, Home Respite Care Services in Orange, CA

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Respite care is a service that offers family caregivers relief from their duties, if only for a short time. This allows the caregiver to relax and recharge. When the caregivers get back to their responsibilities, they will find themselves reinvigorated, allowing them to provide the very best care for any duration. This makes respite care an invaluable service for any family caregivers who find themselves burning the candle at both ends. 

If you’re feeling the pangs of burnout, respite care might be for you.

How Respite Care Benefits Everyone

While respite care tends to focus on family caregivers, it’s your loved one who will benefit the most. When you are able to take a break from your caregiving duties with respite care, you allow yourself to get healthy and relieve stress for improved quality of life. As a result, you’ll spend more quality time with your loved one, become more attentive, and your overall care will become out of this world. 

Improve Your Role as a Family Caregiver 

Acting as a caregiver is both an honor and a privilege. Children can enjoy repaying their parents by caring for them during their Golden Years. Even caring for a grandparent or other relative can be a rewarding experience. However, when your care extends to intense or long-term care, two things begin to happen.

The first is that your health and well-being begin to suffer. You may find yourself suffering from depression and anxiety, anger, and irritability. You may experience chronic stress and find it difficult to sleep. You may not be getting enough exercise, which can make you moody and lethargic. You may have personal financial problems or negative career consequences. For some, this kind of caregiver burnout can have negative career consequences and can even lead to elderly abuse in extreme cases. 

The second is that your quality of care may become affected. You may find yourself becoming less attentive to your loved one. You may snap at the patient more often or forget to provide medication reminders. These lapses in care can result in falls, injuries, and accidents. At the very least, your loved one’s well-being will suffer, and all because you failed to take some time for yourself. 

To prevent all of these risks, you may want to consider giving respite care a try.

What Types of Respite Care are Available? 

Respite care can be done at home or in a long-term health care facility. Respite care can be provided by other family members, close friends, neighbors, or volunteers. You can even schedule home respite care services with a professional provider. 

One or more attentive caregivers can give you a few days, weeks, or months of reprieve by offering personal care services, companionship, medication reminders, meal preparation, light housekeeping, and nursing, just to name a few. 

Respite Care Benefits for Your Loved One 

When you get a break, your loved one gets to expand his or her social, recreational, and overall life skills. Your loved one will be less stressed and long-term function will improve. Most importantly, when you get a much-needed break, you could potentially avoid a crisis situation, such as elderly abuse. 

Do You Require Respite Care Services?

If you are a caregiver to a loved one, you have a responsibility to keep yourself refreshed. Infinite Love Homecare offers respite home care services by professionals who have your loved one’s best interests in mind. 

Take time for yourself, keep yourself healthy, and make sure your loved one is well taken care of. Call today to schedule an appointment to see if we’re the ideal fit for your home respite care needs. 


updated August 2019

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