3 Reasons Why In-Home Care Is The Best Option for Elderly

In-Home Care for Elderly

Aging is inevitable. Sooner or later, you will have to choose your elderly parents or relatives, or maybe even elderly friends. Reaching the senior years poses a few challenges for both the people who aged and the people who love them. Seniors need help. They need to be taken care of as our elderly beloved. They can no longer do what they used to.

Naturally, the responsibility of their care falls to the people closest to them. If this is you, what is your ideal elderly caring system? Would you prefer to send the elderly off to a nursing home? Or would you rather have the professional healthcare providers go to your elderly?

In our opinion, it is always better to have your seniors get their needed care right in the comfort of their own homes.

Reasons Why In-Home Care is Best for Elderly

In-Home Care for Elderly Lessens the Feeling of Drastic Change

Everyone has, to a degree, a fear of change. Transferring to a new school, moving to a new house, getting a new job, having a new boss, and what else have you. Not everyone may share the same degree of fear, but everyone has it.

Imagine all of a sudden, and you were “forced” to live in a different house. Forced to live with other people, people you don’t know, strangers. Aside from that, some strangers also tell you what to do during certain hours of the day. Add to the unfamiliar faces and surroundings the ethnic cuisine and noises. And all of this change happens when you are old when your mind can no longer process as much new information as it used to.

Many research shows that seniors find it hard to adapt to change. The brain circuits that help us adapt to change fade as we grow older. What happens when old people are “forced” to suffer extreme changes when they are helpless in adapting to said changes?

When seniors experience significant changes such as becoming disabled, or are moved to a completely unfamiliar environment, they try to adapt to it. Over time, as they learn that they can’t adapt to it, they experience what is known as learned helplessness. The scenario often leads to apathy, and later on, to dementia and severe cases of cognitive decline.

Do you really want that for your beloved seniors?

If not, then the better choice is to lessen the drastic changes imposed on the seniors. You want them to still live in the same house they live in. They still want to see the familiar environment  when they wake up, sleep in the same bed, see the same people, their family, everyday. You want to introduce the least amount of change.

So now, how do we provide the care they need with less stress and hassle? Hiring an in- home care aide may be the best solution. This avenue can be the least of drastic changes to handle. One of the changes will be that a new face will be introduced, that of the healthcare professional. Added to this is the daily routine of doing things. However, as long as the transition process is done in a loving, careful way, you can minimize the stress your parents may feel. And of course, a warm and affectionate care from the healthcare expert also decreases the tension in the situation. That is the kind of care you should look for, the kind that Infinite Love Homecare provides.

In-Home Care for Elderly Promotes Better Health

As was already discussed, drastic changes negatively affect the elderly psychologically and mentally. Did you know that a bad mental health contributes to a bad physical health?

A bad mental health is known to negatively affect the physical health in both direct and indirect ways. Though researchers have yet to find more substantial connections between the two, all available evidence shows that this is a fact.

There is a symbiotic relationship between the body and mind (they both rely on each other). The reason depends on the body to thrive and vice versa. A stressed, numb, worried, or depressed mind does not bode well for the body. It only means that a senior put in a strange environment has less chance of physically thriving, health-wise.

Research shows that seniors who receive their medical assistance at home live longer and have better chances of recovery from surgeries. They are mentally and physically healthier.

In-Home Care is Better for Maintaining the Family Structure

Old Couple with Family


There are many other benefits of choosing in-home care for the elderly, and the one big thing is that it helps in the family structure—still, perhaps the most underrated yet most important one.

Long-distance relationships are hard. This fact applies not only to romantic relationships but also to familial relationships. There can be no distance when the care for our elderly is right at their home.

What do you think is the best gift you can give to your elderly parents at their age? me, it is quality time and unconditional love. One of the reasons why seniors’ health deteriorate more rapidly than it is, is due to loneliness. They feel socially isolated. They can no longer do the social activities they used to enjoy.

But guess what, they can still enjoy social activities. Maybe they can’t do those activities with friends, but they can certainly do those with their family members. And you can’t do as many fun activities with your beloved seniors if they live some distance away.

If you need a few ideas on what to do with your senior parents or friends, check this out for a few ideas.

In-Home Care is the Best Choice For Your Loved Ones

While it’s true that there are other ways to provide care, we believe that the home care setting outweighs them all. Many institutions work hard to provide the best care for the elderly, but we say that “nothing is the same as home”. Unless there will be a time when other options are the only and necessary choice, in-home care is the best way.

We want our beloved seniors to have a fulfilling and meaningful life in their remaining years. You want them not to feel abandoned but cared for. In-home elderly non-medical assistance is your most loving choice.

Looking for the best in-home elderly non-medical assistance in Orange County, California? Contact Infinite Love Homecare at (949) 529-4130 or set up a free evaluation with us today for affordable home care services.

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