7 Lessons from an Expert Caregiving Team

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The Infinite Love Home Care family sat down to discuss some of the lessons they learned along the path to becoming caregivers. 

Here are seven lessons from our team. We hope that, by reading, other caregivers will foster the same sense of quality in all that they do for their patients-in-need. 

Quality Care Lessons from an Expert Home Care Team

1. Caring Starts at Home

Many of our team members have family members who have gotten sick or otherwise required constant care. Some of our team have family members who act in a caregiver role, such as doctors and nurses. And then there are those who took care of younger siblings, taking over for their parents when life became too much. 

Not all caregiver duties can be taught. Sometimes, it’s taking care of patients just like you would family that sets a true home caregiver apart. 

2. Quality Caregiving Requires the Ability to Connect with Others

Becoming a caregiver requires you to give something of yourself. If you don’t have a love for people, you may not appreciate the close bond that develops when you take care of someone who needs your help.

You will notice that the best caregivers are those who call everyone they meet a friend. They’re usually filled with positive energy that they can then pass onto their patients, contributing to quality care. 

3. Home Care is Comfortable & Effective Care

An aging loved one would probably much rather stay at home, as we all would when getting sick. While senior living facilities make every effort to make their environment welcoming and stimulating for their patients, home is where the heart remains. Your loved one would much rather sleep in his or her own bed and use his or her own bathroom and bathing facilities. 

When you combine top-notch care with the ability to keep your loved one home, you have the ingredients for quality care where it matters most. Home care, when done right, is the best for everyone involved, particularly the patient who gets to experience the coziness and safety of home.

4. All Caregiver Challenges Can be Overcome

When your loved one’s health becomes complex, you may not know where to turn. This is especially true if you’re not a professional caregiver. 

However, whether your loved one has Alzheimer’s, had a stroke and requires speech therapy, or needs hourly caregivers for a short time, help is available. 

From medication reminders and bathing to medical care and trips to the doctor’s office, there is a reliable home care team ready to accommodate you. 

5. Caregiving is About Much More than Giving Care

When providing medical care or specialized care for instances of Alzheimer’s or stroke, some patients require a friendly ear while receiving the very best care. The best caregivers are those who can communicate freely with patients and become a friend while tending to his or her needs. 

Patients tend to respond to care when they have a companion to share their home with, if only for a couple of hours. Known as companionship care, this level of caregiving is excellent for aging loved ones who don’t get much personal contact and need someone to talk to throughout the day. This can raise your loved one’s self-esteem, leading to an improvement in their care and potentially their condition. 

6. With Caregiving, Everyone is Rewarded

Caregiving is incredibly rewarding, as you are constantly helping those in need. Caregivers also help families, who require professional assistance to help with their aging loved one. Finally, patients are rewarded when they receive quality care from caregivers because they get a companion while receiving top-notch medical care, Alzheimer’s care, occupational therapy, or physical therapy, for example. 

This lesson, therefore, is for everyone involved with the caregiving process. If you ever feel burned out as a caregiver or as a family member in the caregiver role, think of all the rewards you’re receiving, and the rewards you’re giving your patient as you provide top-notch home care. 

7. A Caregiver/Life Balance is Very Important

When you’re deeply engrossed in your caregiver role, it can be easy to forget that you have a life of your own. Similarly, family members who have stepped into the caregiver role may find themselves stressed out and wondering where to turn. Surely, help is available, right?

Absolutely. At Infinite Love Home Care, we offer respite home care services. This is care for family members who need a break from caregiving, if only for a limited time. Our caregivers take regular breaks when possible because doing so allows for the very best care. 

Only when you are fully rested and have your life managed to the best of your abilities can you provide adequate care to those in need. For that reason, we require our caregivers to find a balance while focusing on providing their patients with stand-out care during their working hours.

These seven lessons have helped our Infinite Love Home Care team in Orange County, California, become the best caregivers they can be. Take their lessons to heart and call us whenever you require respite care throughout Orange County and beyond. Your loved one is always in the best of hands with our home care team. Call us now to learn more.

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