Modern Movies Seniors Can Enjoy!

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Superhero movies, live-action reboots, cinematic universes, and a lot of animated films from animation-producing superstars – these are the most popular types of films in the past decade. And most of these movies are geared towards adolescents and young people in general. It seems movies for seniors are not a priority.

But there are a few reasonably modern movies that seniors can enjoy. The film in this list not only puts seniors in the spotlight. Some of these are reboots of classic films that the seniors of today might remember from their childhood. There are also some feel-good movies on the list that everyone can enjoy.

Let’s dive right in!

Movies for Seniors

The Bucket List (2007)

Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, Hollywood heavy-hitters, portray seniors with terminal illnesses. But these men won’t let their disease take the fun out of their lives. They go on a road trip, seeking to fulfill their desires before their bodies succumb to their cancer.

Seniors can enjoy this movie because of just how relatable it can be for them. It can also be enjoyable for those who want to do more in life. It encourages a sense of adventure, of enjoying life, and sharing that joy with others. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that there’s a comedic aspect in the movie!

Word of advice: carefully gauge the senior’s reactions when seeing this movie; they might grab the car keys and go around the world with no assistance!

The Magnificent Seven (2016)

Here is a reboot of a classic film initially released back in 1960. What makes it enjoyable for seniors (and just about anyone, really)? It plays with the traditional idea of good prevailing against the bad.

It’s a western movie that’s filled with a fantastic cast. The story is compelling. And the characters are amazingly united despite their diversity. It is a movie that just about anyone will enjoy.

Lincoln (2012)

Love him or hate him, President Lincoln is one of the most remembered presidents the United States has ever had. Although the views regarding him are divided today, seniors will appreciate the movie Lincoln, released in 2012.

It’s a drama that focuses on the President’s final couple of months. The movie’s plot (this is not a spoiler if you know your history) is the President’s struggle to abolish slavery and involuntary servitude. The film follows the events of the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Other elements of the movie that seniors can relate to are President Lincoln’s relationship with his son and the effects of war. This movie is not as fun as the two previous movies on the list. But some seniors out there will resonate with it.

The King’s Speech (2010)

Mental or physical struggles can affect anyone from any walk of life. The King’s Speech is a movie that explores the late King George VI’s overcoming of his speech impediment.

As Sandra puts it when introducing the film at the 2011 Oscars, the movie is about a “man… who struggled so eloquently to achieve his destiny.” Because frankly, how can a young man with a speech impediment lead his country through the looming World War II? He first had to face his weaknesses.

It’s inspiring, moving, and surprisingly exciting for a drama movie. It’s based on history. And the film captured that history wonderfully.

Gotta Dance (2008)

It is a documentary/adventure movie that focuses on the senior citizen hip-hop dance team performed for the New Jersey Nets basketball team. They’re the first of their kind, these old dancers. And the movie showcases their skills from auditions to stardom.

This movie showcases that people from any age group can have fun. It is unique, and it is true.

Shadowlands (1993)

The film is a fairly old movie, but it has not lost its charm. It’s a biographical romance chronicling the love developed between C.S. Lewis (famous author of the Chronicles of Narnia series) and Joy Davidman.

The movie is filled with stars such as Anthony Hopkins and Debra Winger. Some of its best aspects include love, faith, and marriage.

Watching Movies with the Elderly

The elderly appreciate companionship and spending quality time with family and friends. With these movies, you can bond with the elderly in your family or just some old friends.

Believe it or not, watching movies is known to provide medical benefits to anyone from any age group. It encourages a better memory and bond with the people you watch intense movies with. It is even known to relieve stress.

Another great benefit of watching movies is the inspiration we can draw from them. They can give us a new perspective on life as well as spark drive in our lives.

Aside from all that, movies can also give us a lens into how the constantly changing world works.

So, watch movies with the elderly members of your family or with a few older adults you know. Let them relax, bond with you, socialize, and learn together.

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