Indoor and Backyard Activities – Keep Your Elderly Parent Active during Summertime

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Keep your elderly parent spirits up! Despite the COVID-19 shelter-in-place orders, help them stay positive with these fun summer activities!

So much is happening in America and within the state of California.

Looming news continues to trouble our minds each day.

How should you counter it?

Make one step forward – away from the hurly-burly from your television, radio, and mobile phones.

Redirect your thoughts on good things and better days that are sure to come. It might come off as a cheesy thing to say, but it’s not untrue.

Do your part and act to achieve a brighter perspective and future.

Think about what you can do for the people close to you – especially those who are highly at risk from the stresses of recent events and the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s summertime and BRIGHT outside!

Warm weather and still indoors due to stay-at-home orders?

How about your elderly parent or grandparent? You must help them during these depressing times.

There are many activities that you can do with them, and it may vary depending on your elderly parent’s preferences and current hobbies.

Summer Activities for the Elderly Parent, Indoor and in the Backyard

Here are some ideas on how you can assist them so they can enjoy the summer indoors and in the backyard!

Fun indoor activities for the elderly parent

Afternoon tea

Afternoon Tea

Get your elderly loved one (and everyone who wants to be involved) to dress up and enjoy a hot cup of herbal or fruit tea. And if health permits it, make sure to add some sweetener such as brown sugar, agave syrup, or honey to your drink!

There are many sources online on how you can prepare warm or iced beverages from the simplest to the fanciest for a beautiful afternoon tea.

Pair your chosen beverages with some healthy homemade or store-bought biscuits in cute or in elegant plates or tiers for added visual delight.
Recipes or suggestions on how to make or where to buy biscuits or tea cakes can also be googled up or found on YouTube.

You can set a perfect time or specific day each week to do this so your older loved ones can look forward to a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon tea.

The Glad Game

The Glad Game

Another uplifting activity you can do inside your home with your elderly loved one is to play the “Glad Game”.

It has elementary mechanics. Each participant should have a chance to state what they’re glad about. The person who runs out of things they are happy about loses!

This game was popularised in the novel, Pollyanna, written in 1913 by Eleanor H. Porter.

Click here to know more about the game and how it can help you and your parents to stay positive amidst problems and restrictions in America and our local area in Orange County.

Your elderly parent or grandparent might think it’s a lousy game at first.

Don’t give up!

Like Pollyanna, be persistent and see the fruits of getting yourself and your elderly loved ones to focus on the numerous things to be grateful for.

“Outdoor” videos

Outdoor Videos

If your elderly parents can’t go outside to enjoy nature during such a lovely summertime then bring the outdoors to them safely in your living room!

Show them the scenic outdoors and the majestic flora and fauna during summer with nature videos. Make it sound sensational and call it a moment of adventure or themed movie night showcasing forests or jungles.

If you have streaming platforms such as Netflix or YouTube, then we at Infinite Love Home Care would suggest having them watch nature and animal documentaries commissioned by the BBC.

Find a list of suggestions from RadioTimes here.

If you want to make this event extra delightful, then dress up your elderly parent or grandparent and make them look like Indiana Jones! As long as they’re comfortable, of course. It’ll add to the feel of being outdoors.

Also, if you live far from your elderly loved one, we can help make this activity possible through our home care services.

If your senior parent or grandparent has the right device and internet connection, our Infinite Love Home caregiver in California will be able to help in setting this activity up – and making sure it’s as fun.

Uplifting backyard activities for the elderly parent

Picnic and games

Picnic and Games

If you and your family are allowed to visit your elderly loved ones in their home, then you can hold a simple but enjoyable backyard picnic.

Do it on the grass with a traditional red-checkered mat! Use their picnic table with end benches or chairs you can bring outside their home if it’s particularly difficult for them to bend and sit on the ground.

Add healthy summer drinks and snacks such as sandwiches and fruits to your picnic spread.

Play board games like chess or checkers. If they’re not interested, then prepare conversation starters or other backyard games.

Get your kids involved.

Tell them everyone’s goal is to keep their grandparents happy and satisfied.

The kids can prepare greeting cards they can read out loud before they hand it to your elderly relatives. Or depending on your children’s talents and hobbies, they can lovingly showcase it during the picnic to impress and entertain their grandparents.



There are a plethora of reasons why seniors should get sun exposure. listed down several benefits. Health improvements mentioned were related to blood pressure, the immune system, bone health, brain function, sleep quality, Alzheimer’s symptoms, skin disorders, easing mild depression, and reducing the risk of some types of cancers.

Just make sure you are aware of its dangers as well. In summer, your elderly loved ones should get no more than 10 minutes of direct sun exposure daily to obtain the recommended dose of vitamin D.

Light Gardening

Light Gardening

If sunbathing is too dull for your senior loved one, perhaps they’d prefer to be under the sun in their backyard while doing some light garden work.

According to Epic Gardening, aside from being out in the sun, the elderly will experience benefits to both their mind and body.

Just ensure they are wearing the proper gear such as light clothing, gloves, and wide-brimmed hats, and using the right tools for a more comfortable and safer time in the backyard.

Bird watching/feeding

Bird Watching/Feeding

Summer is the perfect time when migratory birds come to Southern California residential areas to nest and raise their young.

If your elderly loved one is up for it, then get them involved in setting up a birdbath or birdhouse in your backyard.

You can also have them participate when it’s time to refill your birdfeeder. It will attract the birds local to your area and it can be a very fulfilling activity for your elderly loved one. It can be quite a satisfying sight when these beautiful visitors are being well-fed.

Birdwatching can be a newfound passion for your senior parent or grandparent. And it will help them appreciate nature more and want to go out in your backyard for some fresh air and much- needed sunlight.

Have a lovely chat with them about the birds that come and visit your backyard. Thanks to the Orange County Register, here’s a list of birds that are commonly found in Orange County backyards.

You may also look for books and local bird guide materials they can read to get them excited to go birdwatching.

These are just a few fun ideas to get you and your elderly loved ones started this summer.
Despite the COVID-19 outbreak and recent issues our country is facing, keep moving forward, and help your family stay safe, healthy, and positive.

Hire us today for professional home care services and an enjoyable companionship for your elderly loved one!

Browse through our website for more information about how we can assist you with senior care or call our expert ILH team in Orange County at (949) 529-4130 now.


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