Want Work? Here’s How to Get It

Want Work Here’s How to Get It

Are you looking for work or hoping to land a job? Even as an elderly, you may still be looking for employment opportunities. And being the helpful-to-seniors organization that we are, we at Infinite Love Homecare want to help you achieve your goals and live life more fully. So, if you wish to work, here’s how to get it.

This post will teach you tips and tricks to landing a job even as a senior citizen. Disclaimer alert: this post does not guarantee that you will get a job quickly. Applying for and earning employment is not a walk in the park, whether you are young or old. It may be more challenging for older adults, but it is still achievable with the right aces up your sleeves. Let’s get to it!

Why Get a Job?

Primary reasons an aging adult may want to get a job. Those reasons are a) seniors get bored and want to get occupied with a job and b) need more income due to uncontrollable circumstances. Let’s discuss these reasons exhaustively.

Wanting to Get Occupied with a Job

Although older people are the least prone to boredom, studies say, boredom among the elderly is not unheard of. Several retired adults suddenly find themselves with too much time in their hands and no idea what to do with it. These individuals are not used to doing anything, and they get bored.

But more than that, there’s an actual danger to being bored as an elderly. Several scientific sources suggest the correlation between boredom and declining mental health. The fewer activities that seniors can occupy their minds with, they are more prone to cognitive decline. So boredom, in some cases, is just a sign that older people need something with which to fill their brains. And for some individuals, that something is work.

Financial Needs

The sad reason some senior citizens would want to work instead of enjoying their retirement is they need extra income. This situation results in many cases, such as emergencies that are drying out savings, not enough savings.

Whatever the financial need is, one of the most viable solutions that seniors see for more income is getting a job. Sometimes, the pension is just not enough for all the expenses. Whatever the reason is behind the desire to work, we are here to help you get back into the employment game with a few tips and tricks.

Here’s How to Get a Job Even as an Aging Adult

Again, the tips and tricks we mention here do not guarantee employment. Getting a job is a challenge for most people, no matter their age. But the challenge is a little more pronounced for older individuals because of potential prejudices or disdain in the employment horizon. Nevertheless, these tips and tricks will give you an edge that can even out the playing field and give you the job you desire.

Get Social

Networking has become a vital part of getting a job in recent decades. About a century ago, anyone could walk into a factory/ business to apply for a job without connections in a specific field. But as companies and employers developed a taste for more qualified workers, proving your competence became harder.

One significant way to prove your competence is to have people were backing you up. Character witnesses or referrals are excellent ways to show a potential employer that you are up for the challenges of the job. And you can’t have those things if you don’t have connections. When building social connections for a potential job, it’s best to cultivate those relationships with people in the field you’re pursuing. For example, if you want to work as a writer, you want to have connections in the writing field. These connections can be with other writers, publishers, editors, or proofreaders. Having relationships in the professional area, you’re pursuing helps convince employers that you are skilled in that field. It is more effective than just you saying you are competent. In other words, let other people promote you to potential employers and don’t just depend on your comment or resume.

Excellent platforms where you can get social include:

  • Senior Planet
  • Professional development courses in local universities or community colleges

Your Experience is Your Strength

What do you have over the hundreds of others in the field you want to pursue? Experience. Emphasize your expertise to show the potential employer your value in the workforce. Hands-on experience is essential in any job, sometimes even more than education.

An experienced worker is a skilled worker. They know the ins and outs of any industry because they have been through them. Focus on what you have accomplished and what you can do for the company you apply to. If you want to stand out, play up your experience.

Don’t Overtly Focus on Your Qualifications.

One of the most frustrating hirings is reading resumes filled with glowing words of barely understandable qualifications. While being overqualified for a job might seem like a good trait, it’s not what many employers look for in a candidate. Moreover, many hiring managers don’t want a “this is how I’ve done it” mindset from potential employees.

Some businesses want people willing to adopt new protocols or methods to improve their work or adhere to company policies.

The other problem with seemingly overqualified workers is that they usually cost more – they want more money.

The best way to combat an overqualified status is to tailor your resume for the job you want. For example, mention only experiences and skills suitable for the job. And if you say qualities above the job level, make sure that the employer knows you are willing to take a pay cut.

Infinite Love Homecare is Here to Help You

If you want to work but are afraid that you can’t take care of your other needs, such as groceries or housekeeping, Infinite Love Homecare is here to help you. We offer primary services such as taking care of groceries, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and more. In addition, if you have a spouse that needs maintenance, we also offer specialized home care services. Contact us through our website or call (949) 529-4130 for a free in-home assessment. Our office is at City Tower, 333 City Blvd. West Suite 1700, Orange, CA 92868.

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