Save Time and Money by Using Home Care Services during the Lockdown

during the lockdown

Latest update about the COVID-19 lockdown in California

According to The Orange County Register, the region is displaying favorable signs in meeting guidelines to prepare for the reopening of businesses, schools, and public facilities once the COVID-19 threat has declined.

And in a news brief with California Governor Gavin Newsom, he noted that the state is weeks, not months, away from reopening lower risk workplaces as well as offices where telework is not possible. He also went as far as to consider the fall school term to resume by late July and early August.

If you haven’t done so, you may watch the entire conference with Gov. Newsom here below:

Seemingly positive updates and announcements are being made each day but one thing is certain – government officials have yet to call off the stay-at-home orders in California.

If we look deeper within each household situation, there could possibly be several upsides to this COVID-19 crisis.

Benefits of the California stay-at-home orders

People can save time and avoid stress from traveling to work and being in the office.

There are some types of work that are more strenuous than others. Traffic conditions and office distances from our homes differ too. But if you’re affected by the stay-at-home orders, then this could be one less problem for you to handle on a daily basis.

There’s less spending of both time and money in shopping malls and places of leisure and entertainment — unless you’re hooked over something that’s available online.

Some beaches in California have reopened for everyone’s use. But recently, Newport Beach in Orange County received some online scrutiny and words of warning from Gov. Newsom due to overcrowding and possible issues in implementing proper social distancing in the coastal city.

You could learn a new skill or enjoy a new hobby.

There have been many institutions that made their otherwise exclusive or expensive sources of information available to the public since the lockdown was initiated in many countries.

Skills and hobbies from gardening, painting, and reading to cooking and taking up free university courses can be seen advertised in many social media sites. They can also easily be found with a simple Google or YouTube search.

Another unseen advantage of staying at home is the probability of cutting down on less healthy food expenditures like take-away or restaurant meals. You’re bound to learn a dish or two with the accessibility of your kitchen at home.

If you live with someone other than yourself, then this could be an opportune time for you to enjoy each other’s company. Whether they be your friend/s or family, you’ll get to bond and relish home living 24/7, well… almost.

Plus, if you live with your elderly parents or grandparents, then staying or working from home will allow you to care for them more than you normally could do.

But what about the downsides to your living situation?

The Drawbacks of the COVID-19 Lockdown

Work for industries where a stay-at-home setup is not possible could turn to significant financial losses.

The lockdown in California might cost a lot now to the economy but studies have weighed that not staying at home and causing deaths, infections, and medical expenses could create an even bigger loss in the long run.

Your savings could end up being used during this crisis and your work being done at home could end up eating more of your time. The 9-5 job could appear differently from a stay-at-home perspective. You could start seeing yourself caught up with your work more.

Living with both a partner, children, and possibly your old parents 24/7 could hamper your physical, emotional, and mental stability – causing a burnout.

You might think that it’s not a big adjustment. But without school, your kids will be at home and in your face all the time. Your partner could possibly be working from home too and requiring your attention or input about something.

Older adults have been proven to be more susceptible to COVID-19. And even if you thought you could provide extra care for your elderly loved ones, whether it be both your parents or one of them, this situation could just make you realize even more that you can’t handle everything on your own.

What can you do?

Find out why you need to seek elderly home care services in California during the lockdown.

Top Reasons Why you Need Home Care Services During the Lockdown

You will receive quality care and assistance

Your home aide will meet your elderly parents’ daily needs at home. Needs can vary and may include types of personal care such as light housework, bathing, changing of their clothing, grooming, cooking of nutritious meals to maintain a healthy diet, and a strong immune system, helping in feeding them those prepared meals and taking in prescribed medication and supplements.

Caregivers are also prepared to assist you with more sensitive personal care for your senior loved ones. The right care specialist can provide timely and proper help when dealing with their urinary or fecal incontinence.

In addition, a well-trained home caregiver will strive to look for and reduce possible safety risks at home – from injuries such as slips and falls and especially to viral infections like COVID-19.

You will have more time in your hands

The caregiver provides one-on-one attention to your elderly loved one while you spend your time and energy on other important matters such as your work, shopping for essential supplies and attending to the daily needs of your partner and children.

Point to take away

The right home care provider will be cost-effective for you

Infinite Love Home Care Services during the Lockdown

We continue to offer our home care services to you during this COVID-19 lockdown in Orange County.

Our team is fully committed to providing compassionate and high-quality care with a loving touch for your elderly parents.

Special pricing has been made available for you during this time of crisis. Inquire now and ask for a free evaluation. Call our Infinite Love Home Care team at 949-529-4130 today.



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